The Beautiful Grass at Queensland AFL Grand Final 2020

For the first time in AFL history, the officials will host the AFL Premiership Cup at Gabba, Queensland. The venue organizers have confirmed that they are making serious preparation with the date of the event getting closer from day to day.

The Beautiful Grass at Queensland AFL Grand Final 2020

The officials have confirmed that the renovation is worth $35 for the complete project. We can see that the officials really take into the consideration of this. It is going to be a unique experience to witness the event live from your favorite screen. The 2020 AFL Grand Final event will be completely different from its predecessors.

Queensland MCG manager, Josh Eltringham, stated that the preparation has been running from June 2020. He also added that the upcoming event was one of the most anticipated events that the party had been waiting for. Not to mention that the big fans of cricket have a high hope that the AFL Grand Final will not get cancelled this year. That’s why the officials do their best in preparations. These will take a long time. They will thoroughly check on the different aspects of the venue until there is nothing that slips through the crack.

Gabba’s manager, Mr. Zundas is 100% confident that they can present something which is truly Queensland so that the attendees can enjoy their moment to the fullest.

The officials also said that it would be nothing like the MCG. It is going to be a “Queensland” grand final.

Therefore, we can expect a different type of grass growing ritual. There will be Melbournians’ traditional grass maintenance rituals.

MCG indeed has its own unique way to train the grass to grow. Its main objective is to present something amazing to the audiences when the event takes place.

The big fans of the AFL will easily notice the unique grass pattern on the ground which is visible from the broadcast of the AFL grand final 2020.

So, instead of square mowing patterns, we’d expect to see the beautiful diamond mowing patterns in the venue to enjoy.

If you have been asking the question why the AFL Grand Final 2020 will be different from others, the answer will be in its grass. And for the upcoming special event, the officials have stated that the grass is in wonderful condition. It is the most prized ownership of the venue. If you haven’t reserved your seat yet, you need to take action right now.

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