The Number of Attendance in the AFL Grand Final Is Up

The officials confirmed to the world that the number of the AFL Grand Final attendees will be up to 30,000. There will be 30,000 people who will be attending and witnessing the spectacular moments in the AFL Grand final which will take place at Gabba, Queensland. The state government has flagged the figure back then because of safety reason.

30000 Attendance in the AFL Grand Final 2020

However, the number is still yet to be sure because all of the responsible parties will be looking at the situation based on the COVID-19 pandemic. The alternative number of attendees if the situation gets worse is around 20,000 fans attending the venue.

Steven Miles, Queensland Health Minister, stated that there would be around 30,000 attendees who will attend the venue on Saturday, October 24.

The AFL Grand Final at the Gabba tends to be on the good track. The officials speak up that it is around 75% green light. So, we’d likely expect the special event which takes place at Gabba with 30,000 attendees at max. 30,000 people will have a great opportunity to see the AFL Grand Final at the venue.

The Queensland government has confirmed the numbers, based on the official reports by the organizers of the event.

For those who don’t know, Queensland has been easing the restrictions of Covid-19 to allow some people to meet in public places. That means these folks will be able to stand in pubs, dancing at weddings, as well as attending larger gatherings, including the AFL Grand Final at Gabba. Thanks to these easing restrictions, the big fans of the AFL will not stay at home and attend the venue instead to root for their favorite team.

The Queensland government announced the changes of the sweeping in the different segments including the pubs, stadiums, Queensland borders, weddings, gatherings, as well as other places where the public can conduct the gatherings.

As we know, the gathering won’t happen in the area which is affected heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this case, Queensland holds the most applicable criterion to host the AFL Grand Final. The state has beaten the bids from other areas like Western Australia, South Australia, and New South Wales.

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Queensland only has six active COVID-19 cases. It is more than enough reason for this place to be eligible to host the upcoming special event. Are you interested to attend the venue too? Reserve your seat now so that you can get the opportunity to watch your favorite player closer.

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